Machinery for challenging landscapes

Our forest trailers and cranes are suited for diverse use in the most
demanding conditions and at the most challenging landscapes.


Usability and working safety

We have more than 10 years of experience in building machinery and  
steelworks. Since 2015, we started producing forestry trailers and cranes. Our products are engineered to last for decades. All Scandic trailers are designed for efficiency and usability as well as working safety.


Durable and reliable product

Scandic is one of the few forest machinery manufacturers in the world
that uses plasma welding. This makes our product extraordinarily durable
and reliable


Wide range of accessories

Scandic trailers are meant to withstand heavy year-round use, which is why they undergo rigorous quality and safety testing.  Large product selection and wide range of optional accessories makes it possible to provide customised solutions that are sure to meet your needs. We strongly invests in the continuous development of spare-parts and maintenance services and the service level of
authorised sales locations.

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